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There are so many factors and one may not be as important as another, but I think one aspect that really counts is the feel of the character. To be quite honest, I don’t have a style or approach, I just go out of my way to make a character look like he or she would appear in the pages. I don’t have the ability to give them a perfect expression, so instead I try to focus on the look of the character rather than their expression. It’s the only way to do it if you’re toying with this style; not everyone will appreciate that. However, if you really want to get your art done, I would suggest taking your time. I think I have a pretty good handle on what I’m looking for, but I’ve been working on it for 10 years and the process takes a lot of time and dedication for me. I’ve never been one to rush anything and the reason is because I want to work at my best, so I’ve managed to keep the process interesting for me. For this kind of stuff, I really don’t have an approach. I simply like the look of the character. If your character is really beautiful, but doesn’t stand out, it’s not going to look right in my book.

How long have you been creating your character designs? I started at this point in 2011, when I was still a full time student, and this is my fifth full time project. Most of the books are fairly short, but I’ve done longer ones in the past and I’m still getting a lot of exposure in the press and on television. Even though I’ve finished a book now, I don’t have any plans to stop at some point and I’m very much looking forward to doing more.

My career goals would be to continue drawing in a short format for about 5 books per year.

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How has your process changed over time? A great thing about working with a partner as opposed to on my own is that you can try out different techniques and try out different styles of drawing. So you have to make a couple of compromises and sometimes I’ll do more work than I really should without worrying about how it looks. It’s easier to draw on paper than to have a computer make up for a character, so you have to learn how to draw the computer, or go to a class to learn how to do this. If you’re still uncomfortable with this, you can always buy me a book at the printer.

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