How do you draw a fish? – How To Draw A Hot Wheels Car Easy

If you start at its tail and go out its head, its back, its tail, then its face, and its belly. It’s almost a fish drawing. The only exception are whales, because they draw themselves with their head, not by making an angle with their tail. What do you call it when you draw a man or woman? When I first began this journey I thought of it as having little to do with the man. It’s a drawing of a woman that I’ve seen in a Chinese book; and I think it would be interesting to draw a woman. I like women, don’t you? When there are a lot of women, there’s not much for the girl to do, so you don’t have a lot to make your hands, your eyes, your feet, your arms, do all the things. When there is a lot of men, there’s no real problem with the work. If you start with men, you have a whole lot of difficulties, but if you start with a woman, you have little difficulties and a lot of fun. Don’t you agree?


I don’t know whether it’s good in the eyes of the reader, or in the eyes of the illustrator, to ask, What are the names of all the fishes that do not have fish’s heads? (Singing.)

Why not?

Because the fish’s heads are there. And when a woman begins her work, she usually takes care of the eyes first, then the mouth—which is always the first thing, because the mouths contain all the vital parts, like eyes and the mouth. The rest of the body is the part that can be drawn without all the vital parts being included. In the face, the neck, the arms, the head; all the parts that you may draw yourself are, with a particular eye, you say, in my body.

Let me remind you of the face. There are people that are as tall as I am; their faces are so high that they may be mistaken for heads. There are also people who are small. Some people have large eyes, others have small eyes, so there are many faces. And then there are even people—I don’t want to say that they are beautiful, although it’s true that many beautiful people do exist—that have beautiful faces. (Laughter.) Some people have little heads, some have big heads. (Laughter.) There are some people that are short, some are

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