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It’s the first thing you take out of the pen, really. You put the little pig in the pen, you put the little cow in the pen, then you put the old cat in the pen . . . and one of these other things that will tell you that it’s a llama.

There are a lot of really beautiful llama art books. But when I was in college, I wanted to learn to draw, so a friend lent me a book from the late 1800s. And I looked at the illustrations and I could not believe it—the art was fantastic. And I couldn’t learn to draw very well until I’d done that book. And my favorite thing in the book is the one where they are drawing a llama for the first time. They are drawing a little pig, a little cow, and they are just looking at each other and it’s really interesting to watch them draw each other. Then they are starting to do their own drawings, they are figuring out their own lines—this is like the very first step in an artist. Their lines go up and down. Then they start drawing these big, strange characters which I really loved at the time.

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Then when I finally started to draw, I had a lot of trouble because I really had no idea how to draw things that were going to be moving or going to have eyes, or faces. That was a big obstacle. And I had lots of trouble with the fact that I was drawing llamas in the book. I was in the very beginning stages of drawing it when I wrote with some people in Connecticut about what kinds of things I would like to see in a llama book. And we began talking about this and it was like, “Wow, this has to be a problem.” And we started to look into different issues and we started looking into what kinds of things we could do that would make a better book. Which was really exciting.

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This is why it really struck me then, that it’s worth a whole lot of money to make a book about art to make a lama book. When I was at UCLA, I had a little money, I bought a copy of the Yale catalog and I could look at it—all the drawings that the lama artists were making were all there. I looked at those drawings and I thought, “Wow, this is really cool! I’m going to buy this. I’m a llama artist. It’s fun to do

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