Who gets paid more actors or directors? – Independent Equipment Lincoln Ne

Does it pay out at more reasonable time frame?

No. Anytime a production pays the highest paying performer or director, they are getting paid. Anytime they have the production time, production costs are lower. They are getting paid because they are the highest paid actor or director. They are getting paid at a time frame that works in their favor. They might be paying the highest paying actor or director, and if he or she makes mistakes, the pay will be adjusted.


You can’t control these things. But you can, in theory, work with them and keep on learning and expanding.


It’s about growth. It’s a learning experience too, both for you and the actor or director. If you spend your time and energy in trying to make a film better, it’s going to be expensive. The film is going to be made faster and more cheaply because you’re trying to improve something faster. You’re going to be more expensive and you’re going to have to try harder and maybe learn something that you did not know before.

How can it be an experience?

If you have to come up with a better shot each day, you are not going to have time to sit down and listen to the story and figure out ways to make it better. So, instead of just shooting as much as possible – which is the most economical thing for an actor or director – you’re only going to get as much as you’re capable of and it’s going to take you longer to make it better. So you learn much quicker than you would otherwise. The same with an audience. People watch a film, then they have to wait to see how an actor is portraying something. If you take an hour to do the story on set, it’s going to take you longer to get an audience than if you have it up and running so the audience can see how the actors are performing.

Isn’t it a waste to spend a lot of time and money on film if it’s not going to improve?

It’s not really a waste. What is a waste is the process and the money. We shoot films about 10 times a year but it’s a process – it’s expensive, it’s time consuming and it’s time-consuming to make it work.

How does it feel to do films and the process of filmmaking?

It’s really cool to shoot a film and to work on it. You learn so much and you

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