How did Tesla’s free energy work? – Gibbs Free Energy Equation Explained Pirates

You can’t make your power go away by putting more people to work, just as you can’t make food go away by putting more people into farming and farming is a more sustainable form of energy, when we’re still using fossil fuels to get it to us.

And a company is a business and if it’s going to stay within a narrow business plan, it can’t break with the very nature of what it is trying to do. So it’s not like, “we’re going to create solar power on the side.”

Wi-Fi-Powered Electronics: Nikola Tesla's Dream Realized
The only way they could break from that is if it was the very essence of the business that they were attempting to pursue – to be sustainable.

What else did you learn about Tesla today that maybe you didn’t know?

I think it’s fascinating that for the past week Tesla Motors has just gone bananas and been posting more and more pictures and videos.

It was all of a sudden we got pictures of the car running on battery power, and images of the car running on electricity (without the use of batteries). This was unexpected, not only to us – but also to many of you.

It’s so crazy; I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time and it just makes you think, oh, maybe they’re really serious. What a fascinating business.

The European Union will consider lifting travel bans after its border security agency discovered a truck laden with Syrian refugees was carrying weapons and ammunition, two officials said.

The discovery of the cargo on Saturday was the culmination of several days of work by the E.U.’s border agency, Frontex, and the National Guard in cooperation with the Austrian authorities and Germany, they said Monday.

Frontex said that on Thursday it had tracked the truck at a crossing with Hungary, passing through Romania. As the vehicle approached Austria, the driver and four other passengers, who were believed to be Syrians with dual Austrian and Russian citizenship, entered Hungary.

After crossing into Austria, they took their luggage to the Hungarian side of the border, where the truck was searched and three large containers suspected of containing weapons and ammunition were found, the officials said. Authorities discovered the goods on Saturday and the truck was seized. Frontex was investigating the case by interviewing migrants, the officials said.

The truck’s driver and passengers were then allowed to cross into Austria in accordance with Austrian law, a source close to Frontex told The Associated Press. They were then intercepted by police

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