How many hours a day should I practice piano? – Play Piano Black Keys

How many hours a day should you practice at home?

This is a topic that is very difficult to answer because these are subjective things to answer. For the sake of this article, I will use the word practice as the broad term for the amount of uninterrupted piano practice you need.
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The amount of uninterrupted practice that is needed for me to improve is pretty simple. I play in public for the majority of my free time. For example at the gym or in my parents basement I’ll play piano and play for the rest of the day.

However, I also play in my own apartment at home when I have a break from my job. I play on my own when I do work at home and play a little while I’m in my office or in my car when I’m out.

How to maximize this amount of practice is going to depend on you as well as your individual motivation level.

Here is an example of a few things I do with my practice that I want to reiterate. Basically, if it is taking me too much time to do, I will give myself 15-30 minutes break to relax and work on something in between my practice and when I have my next practice.

For me the most important thing in my practice is to find something I’m passionate about. If I’m using a technique that is really good because I like it and I can perform a lot as a result, let me take a break and try another technique.

I also try to make sure I do more than one practice session a day. For example if I’m at a place, that is more than 5 miles away from me (e.g. at a concert hall for concert rehearsal), I might only be able to play for 30 minutes. With a practice session that is long enough a single practice session will be sufficient.

The amount of piano practice I have at a given time is a function of the total number of hours I have on my calendar. It is pretty easy to get away with doing 30 minutes a day. The goal is to have enough uninterrupted practice so that my mind and body don’t go to junk.

How do you know how much time you can expect to spend practicing your piano? When I was asked this question as a member on the Piano Practice Challenge, my answer was, “I can’t tell. I’m not good enough. And I’d be willing to work harder but I don’t know how.”

This sounds like a pretty harsh answer

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