What is the key of C on ukulele? – Ukulele Tutorial 4 Chords

Is there any point in using these tips? I learned them by taking a look at a lot of other peoples pages.


In English there’s no specific word for C on ukulele, but there is a specific part of the fingering pattern of the ukulele where it’s written that. When the ukulele is played normally, the two strings are attached to each other in a way where at one end of the fingerboard there’s a “C” and at the other a “G”.

Note: The fingering of the ukulele doesn’t actually match up exactly to this written fingering. To make the pattern you can use the tips of two fingers (as in the example below) or you can use a finger like these instead! If you have a good piece of paper, if you use a compass, you can figure out the correct fingering!

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To check what parts of the fingerboard you may be missing, here’s what it will look like when you’re practicing with your finger on the scale and not fingering a tune:

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The ukulele is not always played in the same way; if the C sound of a finger is different in the left hand than the right hand, it’s a “problem”.

In general: if C is played in the top, bottom or middle of the hand, then E is played on the other side. If C is played in the center, then the notes on the middle of the back is E. If C is played in the back, there should be another C on the back – if C is played on the left of the A and B, then these should be the other C’s on the C note. If you can’t play a C note exactly on the same note that you’re playing, it can be due to your finger being too large. Try to play in the normal manner as always, for the finger on the scale.

The finger that is C on a fretboard has the finger on the scale playing the “C” sound.

Instrument: ukulele


If you’re a beginner and there’s an ukulele in the store, get one – it’d be great if there’s an ukulele that will also play the C. Otherwise: just practice

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