How much should I charge for a video? – Learn Video Shooting

You should charge a reasonable amount for each video but nothing greater than that.

Why not just tell people how much the video costs? I get that there’s an art to it and how expensive to make a video is a subjective matter. You can even try just not making it at all. But as a rule of thumb, if your video is $3.99, you should charge $3.99.

Does it have to be 30 seconds long?

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Not necessarily. Many games on both iOS and Android offer 30 second ads, but not always. Games like Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga offer up 20 seconds of free gameplay but that’s because the games are only 10 seconds long.

I have a question that seems simple but I don’t really understand.

Make sure you have the time. If you’ve made an app and you don’t know what you’re about to do, just ask your friend on Facebook or a random stranger who works in the game industry and ask them. If they don’t seem to know what they’re doing, don’t push your luck. It’ll be better for everyone if someone else does all the work for you so it doesn’t feel like you’re cheating. And be careful when asking people to “test” your game. It’s okay to ask someone on Facebook and have them play your game without making any money, but you shouldn’t ask someone for their money until you’re happy you have a decent estimate on how much they’ll spend. People will only spend money when they don’t feel like they already have enough money to support a game so if they ask for money and you don’t make it, they’ve already wasted time, money, anxiety and your hard-earned reputation.

How does my game look during my gameplay stream?

Most likely it looks pretty similar to your game. Keep in mind that Twitch and YouTube generally offer more of a live-stream experience than Twitch does. Twitch is good for people who want to see your game being played and a good opportunity for developers to showcase assets. You don’t need to watch the gameplay at all, it’ll be enough to look at a bunch of screens that show the progress of your game. If you’re a professional, though, you’ll need a decent amount of footage or you’ll lose valuable time by not streaming. Here is the best way of stream streaming.

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