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You have to practice really hard to figure it out. In other words, don’t worry too much about this.

If you are going to paint, find a painting or a drawing that has a special meaning for you. Paint over or over, keep your nose and mind in the game of finding what makes your art, which you need to do to achieve the perfect portrait.

If you’re not very good at this, then don’t worry. You will have a chance to move on to painting a more abstract piece after taking a few lessons in the art world.

Do you have any special talents?

Not really. Even though there are thousands of artists all over the world, none of them had a perfect portrait painted on them for their art.

My special talents are the ones the people in the art world will tell you about. I am very good at creating portraits. This allows me to create works that are difficult for the average person to look at. However, the portrait I make doesn’t exactly suit the average person to look at either.

I can paint pretty good portraits, but they don’t suit a person on the average. This means that, to me, they are just not artistic in a proper sense.

I’m not saying that everyone who paints bad works is artless. Some people can’t even manage drawing on paper. It’s the bad artworks that are really the point.

What’s your motivation?

To be honest, I have zero motivation. I just want to make something nice that looks attractive and I hope that I can gain the pleasure of drawing from my paintings.

The more people look at my paintings, the more satisfied they will become. People will feel that my work has a more special meaning because I have given it to them.
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Can you see the future?

Of course, I’m not sure. Maybe, just maybe, I will one day get famous enough so that people from all around the world will get to look at my work. Maybe I can get so popular that people will want to learn more about my art.

Maybe, in a few years, I will have received such an immense amount of publicity because my artwork has gained more and more popularity.

I think I will just have to stay in the artist’s shadow, because I am pretty mediocre anyway. But that’s just me.

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