Who can see my photos on Facebook? – Make Money Selling Photos Online

Anyone can see your photos if you have a Facebook account . But, if you have an Android device, you can only see your photos on your phone. So, if you want to share them with Facebook, first make sure you have Android version 4.2 or higher. Facebook does not work on any Android devices below version 4.1, so it is not recommended to use the app with any other version of this Android client.

How do I make any changes in My Photo Album?

You can edit and delete any photos in your My Photo Album at any time. But if you want to hide a photo from your My Photo Album, click on the photo and select “Hide from Photo Album”. Or if you want to remove it from your My Photo Album, click on the photo and select “Remove”. Once you have made the changes to your photos, your photo will be visible in the My Photo Album.

What is “Share” and how do I use it?

Share allows you to make a video call to a friend who has downloaded your photo from Facebook directly from your phone. Facebook doesn’t need to be connected to your phone, you can also create a video screencast.

How do I share someone else’s photo?

You can share your photo to others in a few ways, such as: Sharing from your computer. Sharing from My Photo Album.

How do I share something a different way?

Some apps can share photos using a different way, including: sharing from device apps. Sharing from phone apps. Sharing from Facebook. The “share” function is used in all of these ways. You can also share via email if the email server supports it, it will work like a “sharing” feature from your phone.

How do I delete my photos?

In settings, tap the “Delete & Delete Photos” button.

Can I download additional photos?

You can also download additional photos by visiting If your photo is available in the gallery, you can go to the Gallery to download the photo and view it.

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