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Rustoleum spray paint is a permanent paint with high performance and an extended lifespan, which makes Rustoleum paint great for indoor or outdoor applications. Rustoleum paint was approved as a permanent paint in the EU and will continue to be so. Its high performance makes it the ideal paint for all kinds of applications where strength is critical. It is easy to apply, easy to work with and resistant to drying out. Rustoleum spray paint can also be painted over and under a wide variety of materials to achieve desired results.


Rustoleum spray paint is easy to apply. Just use the applicator to apply in small, easy-to-spot areas. Rustoleum spray paint dries to a durable finish. It can be painted over and under existing concrete with a primer. We also offer Rustoleum Spray Paint as an adhesive spray paint.


Rustoleum Spray Paint will last for 8 – 8 1/2 years in normal use. All spray paints will dry with a few days of normal use in hot weather (up to 85° F [29°C]). For outdoor, wet weather use, Rustoleum Spray Paint will last up to 12 years. These are measured by dry to wet, not by water-based paint retention. Rustoleum Spray Paint will not dry as slowly as non-flammable indoor spray paint or hardwood paint.


Rustoleum Spray Paint is designed for use indoors, so it will apply smoothly and evenly. Rustoleum Spray Paint is approved for use in high pressure, indoor applications. It will not work or need to be re-applied if you seal and cover it. Rustoleum Spray Paint is made with a high speed, high surface tension resin. Unlike other spray paint, it does not get brittle or flake off.

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Rustoleum spray paint can be applied to concrete, wood and most other surfaces with ease, but can be made into a beautiful outdoor art piece with the use of permanent adhesive spray paint. Rustoleum sprays, especially after you cover it to seal, will dry in two-to-four hours.

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