Are newer tattoos easier to remove?

(I love the idea of a tattoo with a chip out as it’s an easy and safe way to remove a lot of it at once.)

Do you use a different type of adhesive?

How do you use it?

I’m interested in a lot of things right now. Anything. Have you ever gotten tattoos in a different state, other than New Jersey, since this was your first?

What are your thoughts?

Thanks, everybody!

Hands up who thinks it is cool to get a tattoo with a gun emblazoned on the back? If you can be bothered, you’re in luck — we think all three of the characters from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens are cool to get tattoos. The tattoo artists behind the “Han shot first, Ronin second” Star Wars tattoos are a real-life band of brothers, and they’ve even opened up to HuffPost UK about how they went about getting those ink marks on their bodies.

The tattoo artists behind the “Han shot first, Ronin second” Star Wars tattoos are a real-life band of brothers. Photographer: Getty

A big hit on the streets of London, the Star Wars tattoo has become a fixture around the city for fans and artists alike. The band’s Facebook page, though, is littered with comments from people asking when their tattoos will get finished, as the artists have been busy on the day they have been on.

As such, you won’t be seeing another tattoo-inspired Star Wars tattoo anytime soon, but the trio are keen not to make their work out to be anything else. “The tattooist and I have been working on a new, unique design that will be featured in the Star Wars Tattoo Tattoo series, that has not been done before,” said Luke Ciaran, one of the tattoo artists responsible for all three of the tattoos.

“We want to highlight one of the many elements from the film that have not appeared on any of the others, the ‘C-3PO’ gun,” he continued. “The idea was to do as many different designs as possible, each one to represent one particular moment. It would be great if that was the case but we have decided to focus now on the ‘Luke Skywalker’ Star Wars tattoo, to highlight what the character from that part of the film stood for. However it should be noted that this idea has been in our heads for a while and it is a very simple design.”