Are newer tattoos easier to remove?

Are some forms of cosmetic work more difficult than others? There are certainly some tattoo removal methods that are less challenging. However, when it comes to the vast majority of tattoos, you’ll need a professional to remove your tattoo.

Types of tattoo removal

Here are a few common types of tattoo removal:


This is a more advanced type of tattoo removal that uses a computerized process to take a series of images that are then analyzed. The process is designed to be both faster to perform and less damaging to the artist.

Tattoo removal is a common, often-abused surgery, and many people have questions about it. In addition to answering all of those questions and making your own decision on which tattoo removal method is right for you, our Tattoo Removal Specialists at New York Tattoo Removal can point you in the right direction. Read more about their Tattoo Removal Services.

Fingerprick removal

This process involves a metal tip that is used to extract the tattoo ink from a finger. It is most common for women, whereas men can also get tattoo removal done using a tattoo removal device like a needle.

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Other options

There are a number of other ways you can remove a tattoo:

Skin grafts

This is one of the newest tattoo removal methods, and it can be done for both adults and children. In particular, we recommend skin grafting if your child wants to get a larger tattoo. In contrast to skin grafts, skin grafts usually involve a procedure in which part of the old skin graft is replaced with skin from another body part, such as a forearm or a toe. This skin graft allows the skin area to heal without leaving any scarring. This allows skin damage caused during tattoo removal to heal back before the tattoo is removed.

The process of skin grafting varies based on skin type and degree of damage, and it can also be messy. Additionally, skin grafting can be highly inconvenient, so it’s important people do this only if they can see their own scar from previous tattoo removal and don’t plan on getting many more in the future.

In addition, to save time, it’s much easier to take over the skin at once by using a skin graft than, say, using a needle and thread.