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Research has shown that tattoo removal (usually in a clinic or on the bedside table) can cause cancer.

If you have a large amount of cancerous skin, or if you’ve had tattoos before (especially ones large enough to make the skin hard and visible), please talk to your doctor about whether removing the tattoo can help.


Tattoo removal is the only way to remove all your tattoos, which is why you should remove them at the earliest possible time.

Tattoo removal should be a very good idea if:

You’ve had large amounts of cancer in the past

You don’t want to risk anything more severe and irreversible, which might be permanent

You are sure that you don’t have any new skin cancer

More importantly, tattoo removal is extremely important for any woman under the age of 40. If you have had any of the following at any time in the past, it’s very important you continue to ask your doctor if you can have a tattoo:

Breast cancer

Lobular cancer (also called “cocaine”)

Achondroplasia (scarring of the bones, known collectively as “kink”)

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)


What about removing only one tattoo at a time?

If you want to know more about tattoos and remove them at the early stage, you can talk to an experienced cancer nurse. Your doctor will usually refer you to someone you trust, who will work with you to help you decide which type of tattoo you should remove.

What types of tattoos do I need to remove?

The following types of tattoos can cause cancer. They are listed in order of most risk:

Bruises and cuts on the skin

Grossly visible tattoos and their associated tattoo removal methods

Bloodshot eyes


Tattoos that have been removed for cosmetic reasons

Tattoos for other reasons are not listed.

More information

These pages should give you some details about the most common types of tattoo, and how you can safely remove them.

You may want to see a page of more detailed information about tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal is done by people of all ages, and there is no one correct way to do it.

You should talk with a qualified tattoo removal professional before trying any removal

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