Can salt and lemon juice remove a tattoo?

Salt and lemon juice are also very effective for removing skin tags and other tattoos. To dissolve tattoos you could dilute 1 teaspoon of sultana oil with four drops of lemon juice or salt, or you can do it with a little bit of water mixed with the oils. The problem is that this could damage the oil, so be prepared with a different solution.

Do you remove hair from the feet?

It may be possible to remove hair under the skin from the toes to the tips of the toes. You can use some lemon juice mixed with a few drops of water. The problem is that this could be dangerous, if you do that right at the time of your tattooing. You should wait until you are sure you have a good tattoo before doing it. The procedure to remove hair from the feet is a very complicated procedure and it can lead to other problems.

How can I get rid of tattoos on the face?

You can apply some lemon juice to the top of the face. Then you can cover it with a sheet. However you can also apply this treatment to the eyes too.

Do you remove scar marks from the arms and legs?

Yes, it can be done, if you use a little bit of rose water.

You said you can get rid of tattoos on the arm? But how does one do that?

You could do it with a cream or lotion to hide a tattoo on your arms. The problem is that this cream or lotion is strong and may damage the skin. You can also apply it on the neck or the shoulder, but in this case you need to wait until your tattoo is cured. The most effective way is to do some type of laser treatment for removal of tattoos.

I heard about one way, can you share that?

Yes, you should check it with a doctor.

Why don’t you tell us more about how to have a tattoo that really stands out?

First, you need to understand the tattoo’s function. If a tattoo is very visible, it should never be removed. If it stands out, it is not a good tattoo, and you can’t get rid of it, and you can’t wear it anymore.

As a rule of thumb if it’s too bright and noticeable, it is not a good tattoo. Also if you are going to be wearing it everyday, the first thing you should do is apply something to hide it.

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