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What happens when you remove a tattoo?

You could go to jail for one night.

You’re reading the first issue of Weekly Shonen Jump Online, the Weekly Shonen Jump Online magazine that releases in Japan for a short while before it’s posted in other countries. That means if you’re interested in the latest arc of Inazuma Eleven, you may want to grab the magazine right now. However, it’s still difficult to find the issues on sale.

In a post on Twitter, Square Enix Japan announced this, saying that an update is in the works with a few of its other overseas magazines. They’re still tightlipped on exactly which magazines, and whether they were announced, but I’m optimistic about it.

Square Enix announced the same update after Inazuma Eleven: Kagayaki no Dormant (the sequel to Inazuma Eleven: Kagayaki no Dormant). It’s set to release on October 17.

This will be one of my favorite titles ever. Let’s hope it makes it over to the US!

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