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In other words, will you let a tattoo artist put a pin in your skin?

This summer, we were invited by the New England Aquarium to spend the day at their headquarters, just outside Boston. We got to walk the walk, climb the mountain, and spend a day at this beautiful aquarium where the best science is done and the best public aquarium in the world.

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We can’t forget about the work that goes into maintaining and improving America’s Great Aquarium which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, we were honored to have an opportunity to tour the facility and get to spend some time with the staff and volunteers in person. It was such an incredible privilege for us to spend five minutes with these dedicated people. Below are some pictures and video footage of some of what we saw.

The aquarium’s most impressive addition to the modern aquarium is this new exhibit, named Ocean View, which will look at the world’s ocean and show a new perspective of the world with live video feed and underwater footage, and be a true representation of the oceans. It takes the old-school glass windows and mirrors that were in each of the tanks, and replaces them with a series of glass panels that are transparent on one side and reflect sunlight on the other. The whole building takes in 100,000 gallons of water through a single glass panel that is 100 feet high and 200 feet wide. The glass is very strong and it was designed to withstand any possible wind.

The staff in the aquarium is an incredible, super-competent team and everyone is so caring and professional. The New England Aquarium staff was very helpful and accommodating to our group while keeping an eye on the animals. They were even kind enough to have the time to walk us around the building to show us what the facilities are like.

The staff really knows how to manage the animals and keep them cool throughout the day, whether at the aquarium or at the visitor center. One of the staff even brought us a small towel to wrap ourselves in if we had our hands in our pockets or on our heads while swimming around. Our group visited the aquarium twice during our time at the aquarium and both times had such a wonderful, relaxing experience.

This is where the staff puts a display window in their tanks. Because it’s so cold, the glass is very resilient (but it still feels like wet paper!). It’s one of the reasons they don’t make many more glass displays in this aquarium

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