Can you remove a tattoo yourself? – Tattoo Removal Timeline

The short answer is yes! But it will need to be a very detailed, professional tattoo. Most of us would have the same reaction to removing a tattoo on someone other than ourselves. The biggest problem is that the tattoo usually sits very close to the back of the body, and this causes an even bigger wound.

This technique does work in a pinch, but most people have been burned by their own tattoos before.

How often should I remove tattoos?

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Tattoos heal extremely quickly. Once the ink has settled, you can just move on to the next one, or even just wait a few more days…

How well does tattoo removal work?

This is a hard one. Many people think a tattoo removal method is completely painless because they are only working on small areas of skin.

It’s true the pain relief will be minimal, but for the serious tattoo artist this is actually important. The tattoo artist is usually the one who has to see the skin healing in order to determine if there is still any ink left. If you have a tattoo on the front of your body and all of it seems to be healing, consider removing it for now and not worrying about whether you will need more.

If you have been tattooed under your collarbone, you may want to remove the upper third of the tattoo for now, and wait for the skin to recede or heal.

Tattoos on the back of your body (and the upper third of your neck) will give you the greatest relief. Removal from front of the body and the neck will usually take about a week, while removal from the back will take 3-4 weeks (in a professional setting).

Should I remove tattoos on myself?

I would say no, but it is completely personal choice. The best solution would be to get a professional tattoo removal company that does not charge an hourly rate, and who has years of experience removing tattoos. If you prefer to remove your own tattoos, this can be done without too much difficulty, but for most people it is not worthwhile.

If you have an existing tattoo, you would want to do it yourself in some ways, especially when it comes to removing your own tattoos. This can cost thousands of dollars and not even be easy.

How often do I have to do a tattoo removal?

This depends, but a standard tattoo removal procedure is typically a few at a time, every couple of months. A tattoo removal

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