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Yes. Yellow tat can be removed by using wax. This is a difficult process, and usually requires the patient to put yellow wax directly on the area. I’ve heard reports that other brands of oil may be better; I don’t know how much there is out there.

If you have some wax and a clean rag, you could take a small bit, dip it in wax, then scrub with a stiff bristle brush (not a brush made for scrubbing). For yellow tattoo ink, I’d suggest a laminectomy-type technique like that in the photos above.

So to answer your earlier question about the yellowing of white tattoos: yeah, I’m sure there’s yellowing, but yellowing usually takes months, even years, to produce. And if it’s left untreated it may get worse, too…

Why should I avoid yellowing?

Most people don’t want yellowing on their tattoos, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When the yellowing has progressed to the point of causing serious pain, contact with a burn center may be necessary in order to alleviate your pain. In this case, it’s okay if your brown ink is almost completely yellow.

But, you may think, “This is bad enough just by itself! The reason I’d want to avoid yellowing in my white tattoos is that I already have other tattoos that are very pale.”

Not necessarily. There are numerous reasons for wanting to prevent brown ink, besides not wanting your tattoos to yellow. One of the biggest is if you have a tattoo on the face and it is starting to look pale. If it happens that you’re only using yellow tattoo ink on your face, your brown ink may just take longer to finish and you will end up with a dark and pearly face.

Another reason people want to avoid yellowing is because there are some people who don’t have good skin care products. While using a good skin care product will prevent you from developing a white tattoo, it will also leave your skin more oily than a good day’s shaving cream.

If you choose to leave your tattoos yellow-ish, I believe using a yellow ink will go a long way towards preventing the yellowing to begin with!

What is a “white tattoo”?

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A white tattoo is when the pigment in the tattoo is made of a different color than the skin. So, for instance, a white tattoo may look like a lighter blue shade on your skin

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