Do tattoo removal creams really work?

Tattoo removal creams are an alternative to skin removal surgery, and they are not cheap—but they can really work! As an alternative to skin removal surgery, tattoo removal creams come in three main forms: heat, laser, and chemical. (They’re also sometimes called laser procedures.)

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Heat and Laser Tattoo Removal

Heat refers to a type of tattoo removal procedure that’s more like laser procedures. In laser tattoo removal, chemicals are used to permanently remove the tattoo.

Chemical tattoos are usually removed through a process called ink removal—in which the chemicals called tattoo strippers are applied to the skin and removed through intense heat and pressure. But in some cases, the chemical solution is added to the tattoo itself for more permanent results. These tattoo strippers are typically used at temperatures between 300 and 400º C.

However, you don’t necessarily have to make your skin completely cool before you go in for the laser burn. A small temperature gradient can help cool your skin enough to reduce pain or discomfort. To minimize the exposure to heat, always wear loose clothing that helps control the heat.

Some tattoo removal creams also include a chemical solution. If you have a scar that’s too large to work through chemical tattoo removal techniques, you’ll most likely need a second surgical laser burn before you can get a tattoo removed. Once you have your tattoo removed through laser laser tattoo removal, you can use another tattoo removal creme to put your tattoo to bed, but first you’ll need to wait for the burn to heal.

Laser tattoo removal is sometimes also called skin grafting or tattoo fabrication. For skin grafts, skin is made to look like the tattoo, which is then left to grow out. Laser tattoo removal can also help with skin grafts called “re-tattoos” or “replacement tattoos.”

How long do laser tattoo removal creams last for? Some are effective for a year. If your tattoo isn’t being done anymore, these treatments will no longer help. If your tattoo needs to be removed again soon, it is possible to just take a tattoo to a tattoo shop and try it out. It’s important to note that some doctors recommend waiting anywhere from six weeks to three months after a single laser tattoo removal surgery before re-tattooing it. Because you may have a long recovery and your scars may look better, you may want to make sure things have gone your way prior to going again.

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