Does exercise help tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Training Los Angeles

Yes to some degree. For people who have poor circulation, particularly of their arms and legs, exercise can help. And it’s especially important for people who have impaired circulation, such as people in wheelchairs, which has been shown to cause pain in the area of the tattoo.

What are the side effects of exercise?

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The most common side effects are soreness, which can linger for several days; pain, often on one’s right leg; and, very commonly, increased blood pressure or heart rate.

What are the complications of exercise?

In some cases, exercise may exacerbate a tattoo’s condition (although not necessarily caused by exercise). Another complication to exercise is muscle cramping or weakness, which can lead to pain, fatigue, and even a feeling of nausea.

How can I manage my tattoo?

The key is to find another place to do the tattoo removal—in particular when it’s been done in an area where it’s not expected to be. For example, it’s not uncommon, particularly for tattoo removal on the lower back, to leave the tattoo where it has been taken.

This, of course, can be avoided. Some people can be left standing in the same place, rather than leaving the tattoo behind them, although it’s never a good idea.

One good place to do tattoo removal where it’s expected to be done is in a bathroom — for safety reasons, for the comfort of the tattooist, as well as to make sure the tattoo is removed in one piece.

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