Does hydrogen peroxide fade tattoos? – Picosure Laser Before And After Photos

Yes, though it should be checked out by your art therapist first. Some say even when used as a topical product, it can fade over time, but I can tell you that it was not always this way. I have had a small collection of Japanese tattoos with a lot of oxidation, from the early days of the ’60s through the present, and these are the same types of tattoos that you can now get from the “green machine” that is the internet. These are often pretty clean looking and are easily washed off with soap and water.

What types of tattoo treatments can you use to get a really great effect?

I use an acid-based tattoo ink treatment that has also been proven to fade tattoos. It is called “hydrolyzed water-based ink”. It is a very good ink that does not fade in the slightest. A lot of times when people are doing my style of tattoos, I am doing three different types of ink at once. I apply it on the tip of the left arm and my right side, and then apply a thin layer of it on the back of the neck. (I do have some tattoos that I keep around for special occasions, but they are done very little to the side of my body and are all done before going to bed)

Who is the artist behind “The Green Machine”?

It is artist Eric Cerny, who is a long-time tattoo enthusiast from Minnesota. He started using acid-based tattoos about 18 years ago when he worked as a technician at a tattoo studio in the city of Minneapolis called Ink Ink Studios. Eric used an ink that was designed with the idea of helping to fade away some of the oxidation caused by exposure to sunlight. I’ve had my hands on quite a few of these before, and they have all worked well for me, but this ink has an interesting aspect to it, because it has been known to dissolve the skin in a process called “hyperoxia”. I’ve found this unique way of removing the skin, and I’ve experimented with that with several of these types of tattoo ink.

Where can people learn more about Eric Cerny’s work?

You can learn more about Mr. Cerny’s work at his website.

Did you know that “The Green Machine”, now “The Green Machine Tattoos,” is being featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of American Tattoo Magazine?

Thank you!

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