Does lemon juice remove tattoos? – Tattoo Removal Machines Touch Screen Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Cost

It depends on who you ask.

It has been said that lemon juice can actually damage ink, according to “Anatomy of An Art Work,” by C. A. S. Leighton, that says, “I have had occasion to observe the removal of tattoo ink on the back by using a small piece of lemon as an acid, which immediately removes it and leaves black paper


On the other hand, the “Tattooing of America” says that lemon juice can help tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal: Can lemon juice remove tattoos?

Tattooing of America gives the following reason:

When used as an acid it rapidly dissolves the ink and leaves behind the black paper.

“An acid neutralizes the ink. It is usually most effective when used in the presence of a white-black or white-grey dye. It does not remove pigment, but leaves the ink on the paper.”

“So I wonder if he has ever applied a lemon-lime acid to his ink, which would kill his tattoo?”

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