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Most tattoos on body parts that are attached directly to skin have scarring to help the body respond to trauma. The most obvious scarring is the first one. The pain will have the ability to scar permanently until they are removed.

In general, the scarring is a permanent, deep red color. But it does fade somewhat as time progresses.

Another type of scarring is a secondary scar that runs behind the original scar. This is much different than the first ones. It is usually pale and it fades quickly. The second most obvious scarring is called a nodule. These are small blood vessels of about 3 mm that make the skin look ashen or pale.

The first type of scarring is often considered permanent and is very difficult to break or remove. With this type of scar, you will have to go to a tattoo removal clinic to have this done.

Tattoo removal will also affect your vision in small ways. Your eye will be able to see red, or a darker color. You may notice some blurry vision in some areas. This is a normal part of healing.

How is tattoo removal surgery performed?

There are many different types of tattoo removal procedures; so this section will focus on a few of them.

Nodular Tattoo Removal

In this procedure, the patient’s primary body part is the tattooed area. Then, using a scalpel, a needle that is 2 mm (1/3 inch) in length, and a metal nail file, or “dendrite” it.

After this, a plastic surgeon injects a local anesthetic into the scar tissue and the tattooed area is sealed. For a non-surgical technique, the patient will be asked to look at the tattooed area while under anesthesia.

This removal technique removes a tattoo in about 6 hours. Some medical professionals recommend going in with more experienced patients. This procedure is relatively expensive and is done in a specialized clinic where you have your own anesthesia.

You will have to travel to the country for this procedure and you can be delayed if there is a large demand.

Periodic Tattoo Removal

Periodic tattoo removal is similar to the previous 2 tattoos type of removal except that the tattooed area is replaced twice a year.

Tattoos can be removed twice a year but not during the holidays, when people are especially excited about those tattoos.

How is it done?

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