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It’s not as simple as you may think. In fact, the most common reason why people have problems tattoo removal is because the artist doesn’t properly handle the tattoo. This problem can be caused in two ways:

The tattoo is not properly handled. The tattoo artist doesn’t properly wash the skin on the tattooed area.

To effectively remove tattoos, there are three steps. First, the removal is conducted over several days, allowing the removal of every remaining hair or hair follicle on the tattooed area. Then, the skin is then completely rubbed off and then the tattooing process again begins.

If there is an area of skin that has hair or hair follicles, you can try using a topical skin cream. It can be very effective at removing all visible hair or at removing hair follicle hair from around the tattooing skin area (which may include the area around the tattoo image). However, it’s best to use a good, non-comedogenic skin cream (for example, Kukui) that can be used on a regular basis for better results. This may require at least three treatments per week.

If there is no visible hair or hair follicles and a non-comedogenic skin cream is being used, and there is no visible hair or hair follicles at the tattoo location, it’s suggested that at least three weeks passes to allow the removal of all visible hairs and hair follicles. If hair is present, it should be stripped away with a small-scraping brush, rather than the usual razor blades.

Why does removing tattoos at home affect my body so much?

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Removing ink from the skin can cause scar tissue that can later develop into the same type of scarring that results from the removal of the tattoo. When the tattoo itself is removed, the scar tissue will also be removed from the body.

The skin over the tattoo can be very sensitive to the touch. If the touch or pressure of your hand is felt on the tattoo, as it usually would be for removing the actual tattoo, then it can create pain. And if you do try to remove the tattoo in a way that causes pain, then you will also find that your scar tissue will grow over the tattooed area when the tattoo removal continues. This can cause further pain and discomfort, so it’s best that you not attempt this. If you do feel any pain associated with the removal of the tattoo, leave the tattoo for 48-72 hours to allow the skin

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