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Many companies use a chemical called “antioxidants” which act to stimulate the body’s natural ability to remove pigment. These can be found in many foods such as tea, broccoli and spinach, green tea, cocoa, egg yolks and almonds.

Other options are to make the tattoo permanent with a layer of special-quality skin creme and apply a protective layer of skin gel.

If we get tattoos again, we can make sure they’re better than before.

Are there any side effects of tattoo removal?

The answer is No, there are no known side effects.

Most common side effects of tattoo removal are:


Irregular bleeding

Skin irritation

Skin rash



The most commonly experienced side effects are:
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Chronic itchiness

An unpleasant or sensitive skin feeling

Bleeding after removal

After treatment to remove tattoos, there will be a few weeks of gradual wear of the tattoo and it may become uncomfortable at first, but most people can manage it.

Treatment for a permanent tattoo removal

Once your tattoo removal has been determined, you should consult your tattoo artist for a final opinion and a final cost for tattoo removal, in order to get a satisfactory outcome.

There are many tattoo removal services in Australia. For example, there is a tattoo removal service called The Tattoo Removal, located in Melbourne, and a tattoo removal company called M-Tone. They both specialize in tattoo removal, and each have different treatments and prices.

You can find out more about the tattoo removal treatments available in Australia from the websites mentioned above.

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