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If you have topical antihistamines and topical steroids, you may not find an itch relief.

A mild itching may last a few minutes, and most people experience some relief within the first few hours. If you are having discomfort, your skin is likely to get more affected and develop deeper redness and a more intense burning sensation.

After the itching has abated completely and a few days have passed, you may experience a few times of a red, swollen area.

The number of “muggings” on city streets in London has gone up by almost 1,000 per cent in three years, figures on the Metropolitan Police Service shows.

Metropolitan Police statistics reveal a sharp increase between 2006 and 2014 in the number of “offences” in London – an increase of 10 per cent in each of those years.

In 2013, the number of crimes committed by the public was 885,817, including 1,619,542 cases of attempted murder, 2,636,096 of sexual assaults, 1,964,847 in robberies and 473,895 in vehicle theft – a total of 17,853 offences.

In the same period in 2014, more crimes happened in London than in any year since 1998.

But the crime figures also show that there have been huge rises in the number of people being arrested for street crime.

According to the figures, 5,891 suspects were arrested for street crime in 2014 – an increase of 16.3 per cent on 2013, when 4,738 were arrested.

Just 3,056 suspects, or 0.5 per cent of the total, were arrested on public order and public order offences.

Met Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said: “The number of arrests and convictions are down on figures that were released last January and are below the level of several years ago.

“This trend is not a result of increased numbers of people committing offences on the streets but simply reflects that more crimes of a more serious nature are committed on our streets.”

Chief Superintendent Dan Marsh, the Met’s head of the Specialist Crime and Prosecution Command, said: “This is an ongoing national trend with major cities across the country experiencing the largest drops in crime.”

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This article is part of our series of articles about the upcoming New York Times-New York Times Book Review.

The book, which is due out in May 2014, has been

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