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The good news is that laser tattoo removal works. The bad news is that most of us will never see the results of laser tattoo removal. Because of this we feel that there is nothing to take home or talk about.

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How often should I start my laser tattoo removal?

It is crucial that you start your laser tattoo removal as soon as possible. This is because with time and repeated treatments your laser tattoos will begin to fade, and because of that we feel, that your chances of seeing the results of laser tattoo removal decrease to almost zero.

If it’s good treatment by itself, chances are that it will last a week or three. However, if you have a laser at home, it is important to work on it a few times a week or so. For example, a laser tattoo removal is often best done every other day, so that your skin does not start to fade.

What should I drink before my laser tattoo removal?

It is very important to get this done before you drink any alcohol. With alcohol that is very close to your body, this laser tattoo removal will be damaging and it will cause your laser tattoo removal to fail.

A little more than a month after the Supreme Court ruled that Congress has the exclusive right to regulate interstate commerce, the federal government’s health bureaucrats are telling the industry on a number of fronts that the court’s ruling didn’t extend to them.

In the midst of fighting the administration over how far the feds can regulate insurance, the FDA is reportedly telling industry reps that the court’s ruling doesn’t mean the agency is not welcome.

“[We] are not interested in trying to do what the court said,” says an FDA official. In fact, FDA officials say the FDA would be “very open to discussing their regulatory proposals for the nation, and looking around, to see how we might best serve the American people.”

If federal regulators do start moving toward rolling back some of Obama’s most controversial regulations, FDA officials are making it clear that their main focus is now on protecting consumers.

“I don’t see [regulation] as the end-all and be-all,” says an FDA official. “What we’re looking for now is to help our people. The FDA is a consumer protection agency and we must protect the consumer.”

If the federal government does start rolling back some of Obama’s most controversial

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