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In the USA there are more states that require laser tattoo removal as opposed to a doctor’s referral to have a laser tattoo removed. We also have a website that reviews the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal and the risks and benefits of each. Click here for information on how to determine the type of laser that’s right for you.

What causes laser tattoo Removal?

A laser tattoo removal procedure must be performed under an expert’s supervision. The person (in the case of laser tattoo removal) performing laser tattoo removal also must use the same equipment that will remove your tattoo. The equipment used is either a laser tattoo removal machine or a laser tattoo removal applicator. It needs to be a good laser, laser tattoo removal machine, or laser tattoo removal applicator with the same safety features that other laser removal equipment uses.

What happens during a tattoo removal procedure?

The laser tattoo removal surgery occurs in a relatively short time period. The process is performed in an outpatient setting with limited staff involvement. The laser is injected at the location of the skin scar and immediately disappears. The area is then taped closed in an approximately 7-minute window of time.

What types of tattoos can be removed with laser tattoo removal?

There are two reasons why an individual would want to have a laser tattoo removed. First, the laser tattoo may have been a temporary injury that occurred over time. If the tattoo was removed to prevent the tattoo from being damaged, that is one way a person can want it removed. Second, a person may want to remove his or her scar from a permanent problem. The scar can be temporary, or it can be cancerous/cancerous growths in the skin that cannot be removed. If the tattoo has been removed because the scar could not be removed, then that is often another reason. Some tattoo removal procedures (such as breast cancer removal) are less invasive since they do not remove any skin.

Will laser tattoo removal affect the skin?

No. It is possible (although rare) that there will be temporary swelling and/or damage to the skin during a laser tattoo removal procedure. However there are not any risks associated with laser tattoo removal, the only major concern would be infection of the laser equipment caused by a person wearing it properly.

Will laser tattoo removal leave scarring?

Not at all. Scarring is completely removed using a tattoo removal applicator. Scarring is not removed on the skin, which is why it is not an issue. In

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