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The only color I had hard for removal was black. I’m lucky I didn’t take it out in my sleep. It really takes a long time to get this done. The best color to remove in the end is brown. It’s easy to maintain once it is removed. If you remove it in the morning, it will stay in its original color. There are some other colors you could try, but I won’t recommend them. It’s definitely difficult to clean off. You have to wipe it with an alcohol wipe first.

Do you know anyone who really wanted to get a tattoo but couldn’t? What advice would you give these people?

There are so many people that try to get their tattoo on their way out the door but it’s all for nothing. It doesn’t get better if you remove it in the morning. There are only six people that I know of that have gone the extra mile to get a tattoo they truly love. It’s really rewarding to hear that kind of good news. It’s one of my best goals to make that happen next.

Are there any tattoos you would like to remove but couldn’t?

I’m not good at tattooing other than red and black. Blue is difficult because of where you’re at as a person, but there’s just something about blue or yellow that I can’t remove. It’s just one of those tattoos that you get attached to.

What’s your go-to tattoo oil? And your favorite oil?

For a tattoo oil, I like using the M.O.R.E. Oil, because it’s more forgiving and it lasts longer. I never really use any gel or lotion, just the oil. You can use it after, but it still stays put all day. We’re all about using only the highest quality oil.

Have you ever worn tattoos?

Not yet.

What’s your favorite place to go see?

In Toronto, I usually get my tattoo done at a gallery. I love a lot of different art forms in Toronto, but the tattoo world is my top choice. It’s fun seeing the different styles of tattoo artists that are there.

What’s on your phone right now?

One game of StarCraft on my tablet.

I love sports, can you play them?

I can, but only if it starts with a “M.” I’d better not say something like “I love boxing” in front of

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