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There is no proven side effects.

We are happy to announce that the release on the 16th of October will bring with it the full features of the current release.

If you’re a new user, you can try out the new release as a one-time trial. If you like it, we strongly suggest you to install the rest of our releases since it contains some new cool features.
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If you would like to know more, please read the full release note. We hope you will have a nice and happy day.

What’s in it for me

What are you using the current version for? The most common use is to have a lightweight system with a minimal installed library, so it doesn’t take up any space. The most convenient way to have this minimal library is using the full version for local development, so that they don’t require a download.

What’s new in 0.16.1

We’ve improved the speed-up of our code generation by 1.20x, and introduced faster code compression and improved the performance of our algorithm.

How much does it cost

0.16.1 is free! Of course the full version will remain free forever, but we hope to get some time to improve the service and its stability before doing so.

What’s in it for you?

The most crucial question that we try to answer is “Which version should I use?”. Some users prefer a minimal library because it’s a bit faster, but others may find they have faster development environments and thus prefer the full version. Our goal is to get these users to decide to use the correct version for their needs.

We also recommend the option that will provide a smaller project set if one or more people run their own projects and they don’t need to manage the library dependencies and maintain it. For example, if you are building your application for local development, the main library is already there (this includes the default one), with no extra code to install/update. And to use and distribute it you only need to update the dependencies in the libraries.yaml file of the same version.

We strongly recommend to use the current version, just as we have provided it on every single release. Our intention is to provide a good quality experience for new users and improve the quality further when upgrading later.

The reason why we’re giving away free software is because it’s true: The free software community is the most generous one and

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