What not to do after laser tattoo removal?

It is very important to always consult your dentist or optometrist regarding the removal of laser tattoos. Your dentist or optometrist will ensure there are no complications along with the removal of the laser tattoo.

Do not forget that you must pay for laser treatment according to the price of surgery provided. Please do not skip a pre-operative visit with an optometrist since it can save your life.

The procedure

Here are the main steps of laser tattoo removal:

After the removal of your tattoo with the laser, make sure the area is well-lubricated with antiseptic and moisturizer. Apply a protective gel sheet on the skin for the laser surgery.

During your laser tattoo removal, you must not touch the area with bare skin or even open it. The only exception is for a small opening located on the outside of the tattoo in the center that cannot be seen by skin inspection, if you have a tattoo cover or underlay.

When you’re done undergoing the laser tattoo removal, you may proceed with any other treatments for your tattoo or it may be necessary to have another laser removed at another time.

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