What not to do after laser tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal Painful

You can’t do any other skin procedure after laser tattoo removal, including:

Treating your scars.

Adding skin-saving dressings to the area before your tattoo removal.

Picking up tattoos afterward.

After laser tattoo removal

Although laser tattoo removal may be effective for some people, many people experience skin irritation or inflammation. If you’re considering treatment for tattoos, have your skin checked for any serious health problems before proceeding.

If your laser tattoo removal was done successfully, you may experience no new scars for several months — or even years. The majority of people who have an allergic reaction to laser tattoo removal also experience no new scars. However, if you have been tattooed with a laser or other permanent laser, follow your doctor’s instructions.

It’s important to note that although laser removal can be effective for some people, other permanent solutions that require you to spend time in the hospital, such as permanent tattoos, are also extremely painful and may leave scars for years to come. Ask your doctor how many scars you will see as a result of laser removal.

Follow all your health-care treatment steps thoroughly

If you have any concerns about the treatment you’ve been asked to undergo, tell your doctor or other health-care provider as soon as possible. While laser tattoo removal can be dangerous, there are ways to lessen the risks and to prevent any potentially deadly complications.

Before undergoing laser tattoo removal

Talk to your doctor or other health-care provider about your treatment options and about your general health before you come in for treatment. Tell your doctor or other health-care provider:

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