What not to do after laser tattoo removal?

A few pointers on what not to do: Do not try to re-paint your scar with a black ink. It makes the skin look more like your skin. Do not try to heal your tattoos with “light” laser products such as those from companies such as Laseka and ZOIA. Their products are more than likely doing permanent damage to your skin because they are extremely weak and can cause severe scarring and inflammation. Do not try to remove your black ink with the product called the “Hands-On Laser,” because it is much too weak to lift the skin properly on the skin. The best option is to apply a masking cream, such as one called Acne. A masking cream is made to cover your scar and then you use a microfiber cloth or gauze to roll the foam in and seal it to keep it in place. Do not use a masking cream if you have a tattoo on a part of your face that needs to be exposed; if you need help removing a black ink tattoo, a professional can help you.

What to do if laser tattoo removal doesn’t work as well as you hoped?

If your laser does not remove all blood vessels completely, you need to take some precautions to protect the scar tissue. Keep warm and keep your hand in a towel or paper bag to protect, or put it in the freezer. After that, your tattoos may look very white and your stitches may be very small.

It is important to note that a laser tattoo removal is not an overnight job so any ink removal done at home must be done in the hospital. Don’t forget any of your insurance or doctor’s paperwork or ID.

If you need to take time off from a job or to travel for work, make sure your insurance knows that treatment is needed.

Where have I been treated in the past?

If you have been asked to remove a tattoo or part of a tattoo you have in your body or another person, you have probably been asked the questions above. If you have a story of a tattoo removal that was done in your place, you can write them below in the comments.

What if a tattoo removal never worked as well as I felt?

If you have been told by someone else that laser tattoo removal may work better than you thought it would, but there was some kind of problem with the tattoo, this is a common experience. Often, a tattoo can become infected, which leads to scarring