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What is laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a process wherein one or more lasers (generally called “lasers”) are used to remove a tattoo or other marking on the skin. Laser tattoo removal is considered an alternative to laser hair removal; laser hair removal is a process wherein hairs are removed with a high-tech laser and done surgically.

The laser removal procedure used on each person is called laser tattoo removal. Since the process involves the use of a high-energy, highly focused laser focused at the location of the tattoo or marker on the skin, it is done under a special light source. The technique for laser tattoo removal is somewhat complicated, and not all providers are familiar with doing this type of tattoo removal with laser technology.

Many people have tattoos, and as the tattoos are removed, scars (or a portion of them) remain, which may interfere with a tattoo’s overall appearance. Even when there are no permanent scars, the healing process for the tattoo can take a little longer. Therefore, it is important to visit a licensed tattooist in order to understand the full procedures involved in laser tattoo removal.

What can you expect from a laser tattoo removal appointment?

In order for the provider to perform this procedure, the patient would need to come to someone who is experienced in laser tattoo removal and who will provide instruction on the procedure.

This is a complex procedure that requires a knowledgeable, experienced provider. A few things to know about lasers to make the most of your visit to the laser tattoo removal provider:

The lasers used are high-energy, highly focused lasers that deliver highly focused, focused beams. Their energy is powerful enough to burn through tissue, including skin, bones, cartilage, and blood vessels and is very safe.

The lasers must be aimed through and through and the beam is transmitted as far as possible before reaching the skin.

Lasers must be used in a specific location on the tattoo, where they travel very close to the skin, where they are very close to the tattoo so that skin remains intact.

Lasers must be used in a manner so that the energy is focused towards the skin. When the laser is not focused sufficiently on the skin, it would cause severe pain to the skin.

The provider must ensure that skin is exposed to direct lighting and air. This has the effect of removing all heat and will provide the safest and most comfortable treatment, with an average success rate of only 15 percent.

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