Where do tattoos fade the most?

On those rare occasions that your body naturally grows a few new lines on your face or body, they become permanently visible. Sometimes, these lines just take on new colors and are completely invisible on your facial features. Other time these are made visible only to your family or friends, and the lines just turn them into a “beauty mark.” If your body has a lot of other lines on it—like a lot of freckles, or a lot of “eye rolls”—they fade more slowly. Some lines are permanently visible, and you’ll notice a fading after a few months.

What is a new tattoo?

If you want a new tattoo without the lines that look familiar they’re called “new” tattoos. They are made by injecting a dye into the skin, creating “new” lines where previously there weren’t any. Tattoos are almost always a permanent process, meaning that even if your body goes through a huge process to create a tattoo, it’s completely fine if you lose the lines that have already been made. If you’re worried about losing your lines, you should look to a tattoo artist who already has this knowledge before taking an appointment and will always have someone there with you to help guide your decision-making.

How can I tell if I’m getting a new piece of art?

You’re definitely better off asking before the appointment because a tattoo artist has experience in how the new part looks. They’ll ask if you’re excited about getting the tattoo, and also about your expectations, such as if you want to get more lines or less lines. They’re also willing to offer insight into anything else about your tattoo experience you might be curious about.

After my appointment they had pictures taken of me before and after my new tattoo and put together a nice little “art” brochure. I found the brochure really helpful in making sure I really did get the right choice and that everything was going well.

What if I get a new piece of art and hate it?

There’s no way to change the ink color once it’s been on your body, just get a new piece of art and keep moving forward. Some new artists even offer refunds on their work for any reason.

What’s happening to my lines once I get a new piece of art?

Tattoos fade over time, though it’s important to remember you can change the color of any line at any time.

What if my tattoo artist gets lost in the maze of