Where do tattoos fade the most?

In a tattoo artist’s opinion, there is no point in creating a tattoo if it will turn to dust within 4 months. And the last thing you need is to have an extremely dry skin.

What are the advantages to having a wet tattoo?

We are not saying that you cannot have a wet tattoo, just that the ink needs to reach the skin. It is very important to create the tattoo in an environment that is warm.

Do you recommend using a different colour in a wet tattoo?

This is a difficult question to answer, because we often have to go back to the drawing board on which we made our ink. What does the customer want, if not for something unique and special? The alternative is to create the tattoo and put it on an inkjet or other digital device which only prints the colour on the surface.

With all this said, you should always try to keep the colour of the ink within limits to ensure the maximum life of the tattoo.

Can a tattoo get infected after 3 months?

You’d have imagined this wouldn’t be much of an issue! But it is. It is possible, even if the ink is good. For this reason we cannot recommend the sale of this procedure. The blood cells cannot sustain themselves for long.

How do your tattoos heal?

There is one thing you need to know: the blood and lymph system is so powerful that it can heal you completely by itself. This is why we advise to keep the tattoo in the most favourable condition for a few weeks, to avoid irritation.

How long will it take to heal my tattoo?

It depends on the area of the tattoo, but usually the tattoo will heal within weeks.

Why do you recommend this procedure?

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At the base of our blood system are two major organs. One is the alimentary canal, which separates the body from the digestive system. It is the main artery (arterial circulation), the other is the coronary artery, which runs the full length of the leg.

These main arteries carry blood across from the stomach (and other organs) to the legs, to make them look more presentable and to allow the body to breath easier.

The other major organ on the outside of the body is the lymphatic system, where white blood cells go when injured or sick. The lymph system is responsible for many functions in the body. So it makes sense to have the tattoo at its most suitable level with