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You can take screenshots, edit the PDF and share them with others. To do this, you first need to download the PNG file. A free program called PDF Converter enables you to convert pdf files to PDFs.
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* Ubuntu

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* Firefox

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TIP: Use a PDF reader for text, images or embedded photos.

In the summer of 1989, on the way to a funeral, the young actress Jessica Soto was in the back seat of the car at a stoplight in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Soto, then 19, decided to flip a car head on. She suffered severe injuries in the crash, and later died from her injuries. Twenty-four years later, a group of friends, including Jessica’s younger sister, Sarah, decided to honor her. They assembled an improvised memorial in the front yard of their mother’s home. The memorial includes an original statue of Jessica and a wooden “V” that has been painted to resemble her head.

In 2002, the sculpture will become part of a new, three-story tribute to the beloved actor. It has already been put to its final resting place in a Philadelphia cemetery, and now, in celebration of one of Jessica’s favorite TV shows, the sculpture will be on permanent display outside the Soto Studio.

“We did an initial sketch and the design of the memorial, but the main inspiration was that Jessica was not only a wonderful actress, but also a great friend, a great actress’s daughter, and to a certain extent, a true movie star,” said Sarah, who will be a key contributor to the project.

The exhibit on display will feature two parts: “The V” and “The Story,” which has Jessica’s favorite memory of her father. It will be unveiled in summer 2014.

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