How do you draw a bunny? – How To Draw Cars Book

Draw a bunny? Draw a rabbit! Don’t tell anyone. But here I am.”

“Is that what they have?” asked Rumple, grinning.

“Sure, right in front of you.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Just a way to get the best results.”

“What did the Professor say?”

“He said I would probably never get it right. He said it was a good idea. Because it wouldn’t be easy.”

“And he’s right. I’m not sure I ever will. How does it work?”

“You can’t just go and draw it. You have to make it.”


Rumple smiled.

“I’m going to get this done very quickly. Get a set of scissors. You want me to cut?”

“You know, I always wanted to cut out something to be used later on.”

Rumple shrugged.

“Well, no point in wasting my time. Let’s just draw something for the next few hours and then we’ll cut.”

Snip. Snip.

A bit later Rumple stood with sharp scissors in hand. I took a closer look.

“We got to find some way to get these on board! A way to get these out of here!”

I could tell he didn’t believe me. The Professor had done an awesome job, even when he was losing his temper over some little thing. The students were making great progress, though, and the airship could really use a good push, too.

So I grabbed a chair and the Professor in my left hand and the boy on my right. Rumple started running around the classroom grabbing paper and pencils. As soon as I got the class to move along, he made the next cut. Rumple’s last cut went on the side of the chair, not on the student’s legs where you cut. Rumple did not know this, but he had been given a head start on his next big cut. I saw it when I looked down the class hallway.

Rumple was still working hard, but he was also moving so fast that he hardly made a noise. There was only one person that noticed, and it was very hard to see with the classroom’s large windows in the way.

That wasn’t much of a problem. My eyes scanned the hallway and

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