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You do this thing. And you have a friend. So when she asks you to make her a bunny, you go into a trance; I think that’s the most important thing about a dream. You let them be your friend and your bunny. They are like your family. If you are with a bunny or with a person, let them know about it. Your family is here, and it’s important. You want them to look forward to it, to get excited about it. They have nothing to lose by getting excited about it. But it also has to do more than just excitement. So your partner shouldn’t be too scared to let you have a go at drawing a bunny. They should be excited; they should be excited that you’re making a rabbit. I bet your rabbit is cute. You might be making a rabbit-shaped bed. You might know how to do some of these things. Now, if this is a dream, don’t bother bringing it up. It probably isn’t a dream. But if it comes up here, remember that it has more possibilities than one.

You can see that the dreamer is already interested in what is going on in the mind of the dreamer. The dreamer has already made use of the mental state associated with the dream in a way to help the dream come true. In this instance, the dream involves a bunny. But this is not the only possible meaning.

I remember a dream I had where an entity came up behind us and made us think we were playing with toys. They also asked me to make it a rabbit. When I saw what they meant, I had a new awareness of the way in which I interact with the waking world. I used a lot of language and metaphors to get the point of view of the dream and helped the dreamer understand it.

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The dreamer can use the same mental state. This could be an understanding of the meaning of a word, a visualizing process of how to do something, a process of going through a list of events. But you must choose wisely. Some words or imagery may only lead to the subconscious mind and lead to confusion. Other words are powerful and useful in dreaming. For instance, the term dream in the English language has two main meanings: dream world and dreaming. I am not advocating that you create your world in your mind. If you find a dream within that you can use to guide you, that’s great! But, again, you have to choose wisely. This could

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