How do you draw a car for kids?

Well, maybe you just want to draw a cartoon, but why not do it right in front of the kids? If you want to do something that isn’t only for kids, but also makes you happy, get ready to draw something from the imagination of a 4 year old kid. Here are some of my favorite art ideas for kids.

1. Cat in a Hat – Cat is the most famous picture in the world. It would be awesome if kids can paint the Cat in a Hat for us! That’s why I used “Cat” as the illustration. You can create such beautiful illustrations with just a mouse.

2. Star Wars – For Star Wars, I used the Star Wars character, Han Solo. It would be awesome to show our kids that they can make their own world with a little help from the computer.
Basic perspective car sketch tutorial - YouTube

3. Disney/Pixar Cars with Tits – My favorite thing to do is to show kids my favorite Disney/Pixar movies for their children. One of my favorites is Cars with Tits.

Here is the link to my website:

There is even a drawing for kids at home.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – The latest Alabama Poll is out which shows a two-way contest between GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton in an extremely tight race.

Among all the voters polled by Opinion Research, a private company working for Opinion Research Group, 43.9% believe Clinton is the more qualified candidate in this presidential election; while 37.2% are for Trump.

Among likely voters, 43.3% said Clinton is the more qualified candidate, while 36.2% are for Trump.

The numbers are virtually unchanged from the previous poll. In February, 44% for Trump versus 36.1% for Clinton, and in October, 42.5% for Trump versus 41% for Clinton.

Only 5.8% of respondents did not respond to the poll.

In this one, the question is: who have you decided will be more likely to make good decisions in the White House, Trump or Clinton? Most people (54.5%) said they would support Trump.

Among voters who are sure of their choice, 31.5% supported Trump for president, while 32.6% opposed him. Trump received 42.9% support of those planning to vote for