How do you draw a fish? – How To Draw A Sports Car Lamborghini

My mother always taught me that the easiest way to draw a fish is to put it in a box with a few small pieces of paper on it and draw it. And if I need to, I can draw a big fish on an egg.

What does your sister mean by “treating it like it should be a fish?” [laughs]

[Long pause] You’d be surprised, because I had to have my wife come over for this. She’s the one that taught me this thing about treating fish like they’re a little human child, and treating fish with love. She was very passionate about this. I learned to love these little creatures. That’s why we love this fish, man. That’s why we treat it so.

And she’s the reason I call it “my world.” [laughs] I love the idea that I can go up and touch fish, like a human, and it’s the first time I’ve ever touched a fish in my whole career. [laughs] So, that I could be a father to the young ones. I don’t know what it must have been like for me growing up—when you come in and you’ve got this little, tiny fish around, I mean, I knew what it had been like for all those boys who had been taught, “Behave, or you’re going to get put into that box.” But I’m blessed to have had my parents and my wife to have taught me.

Do you go out of the house?

Not really. I usually go back to the house. But it doesn’t bother us. In fact, you know, I was just sitting in the living room just watching it on TV while I was working. We’ve been watching the fish, you know, just sitting there with that little big old-school camera. It’s pretty cool. It’s one thing watching a fish swim by, but seeing it move is pretty cool.

I’m just trying to be as cool as possible.

Well, you know, it’s like when it’s cold out, and everybody’s trying to keep cool. And you know, the guy in the middle of the crowd is always trying to keep warm. And that’s the idea. I’ve got a camera in my hands, and I’ve seen them move, but it’s not the same. There’s more emotion, and I think people relate to it differently. It’s a little thing that people say, “Man

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