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You draw it with a pen, ink, a brush.

And Ford:

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The best selling car of all time is out of production, just like the iPhone. So why the sudden interest in the “i” model — a three-wheeled hot hatch — from young drivers who would otherwise be stuck behind a four-row SUV?

The “i” name is still synonymous with SUV-size vehicles, such as the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Frontier, but that’s changing. Ford’s small-displacement hatchback, the Focus, is a serious contender for the title of best selling American sports car of all time, so what’s the appeal?

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“The i-Ford,” in fact, is an incredibly simple car – it’s a hatch that can be put anywhere in a parking lot. It’s basically a mini-van but with six-wheel drive. The i-Ford is also a lot cheaper than a full-size SUV – a mere $2,500, as opposed to $5,000 for an SUV. Ford says a basic model sells for $25,000. The most affordable option is a five-figure package that includes a six-speed manual transmission; however, a six-speed automatic transmission can be added for $3,500. Ford is also introducing the Focus i-Drive, which retails for $3,595.

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“Young people love their vehicle-based entertainment, so if they can do that while driving, then the idea of bringing it home on an i-Ford is appealing,” says Tom Niedermayer, a vice president of marketing at Ford. “We have a lot of young couples and families here in Detroit who come to us for their entertainment needs.”

To be sure, the Focus already has plenty going for it. It’s got more than enough torque for some serious drivetrain duty, including off-road capability, dual-clutch automatic, and a host of other features. The i-Drive’s transmission, although not quite as capable as the manual, is more user-friendly and comes standard on all five models.

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Although it’s the cheapest Focus-like hatch with a manual transmission, the Focus i-Drive is not the cheapest sedan of its kind. Mercedes offers a convertible versions of its $49,950 CLA Coupe and $

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