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Well we don’t do it like this at The Office, and that’s actually a bit of a shame. I’m looking for some inspiration, some advice. Here’s a video that I got:
COMO DIBUJAR A JACKSON STORM - CARS 3 / howw to draw ...

You’ll notice that it’s just a single female in a group shot, but look closely! There’s one of the guys, and the rest are a bunch of women staring. Can you spot which is him? And why? We need more work on male-friendly female role models for women of colour to be seen and heard. That’s why I want to start a women’s art collective:

We all need a voice. Like most of us, I’ve struggled to make my voice heard in my field, and it’s taken a lot of work. Most people don’t know that. But today I’d like to talk about some tools that I have for creating the next step in the evolution of female roles.

If we talk about how my life has changed over the past few years, I can just start in the year 2013: I have gone from writing articles and speaking at conferences on intersectional feminism in a male dominated sector to being the author of an international bestseller and winning the bestseller prize at the same time.

As well as having won awards for that research, and writing the book, the award was for best new male book published in 2013, too. The world was going to witness the evolution of an African male voice that was finally able to take the limelight. Then there was my own journey back to gender equality.

The world is full of women and they don’t know our struggles

Many feminists would say that the gender imbalance has just increased since the 1970s; a good analogy might be a population, so if the population is growing it means that the population is growing bigger (so a population is at least doubling, a population is at least doubling, and a population will grow to an extreme). This is exactly why I think that society is full of women and don’t know what that means. So, the question is where will that population go in five, ten, or twenty years? Will it go up, or will it go down ?

One of the issues is that some men have not seen us as powerful. They have not had access to the tools we do have. I have had a lot of support around this, but I am just beginning to look at this as an issue, a problem, not a solution. That doesn’t

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