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A black line with a white outline on it, right? There must also be a white part around the line, right? This is what happens when I first draw a character. A circle with black dots around it and white outline. Then I start using a black outline to the left of the white dot for the rest of the lines. It’s a visual effect called “mosaic”. When I start drawing, I also start with a circle with dots around it. If I look at the character drawn by me in front of me, I see that even when I use my brain to draw a circle with dots or I add the dots on top of the circles, I never actually see the character in front of me. It’s still a triangle shape. This happens because even though I have a white circle around the circle, at some point I’m drawing around it with the white stroke. I have white strokes around every single piece. You can draw everything with white. The way I draw it looks a whole lot more accurate. Another thing, if you look closely you’ll notice that even you can draw with white, even when drawing a big circle, you’re putting a black stroke on the circle too. This creates a big contrast between the white circle at the front and the black stroke on the back and the outline of the character drawn by us.
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You mentioned that a character is very simple? Well, no. You have to put so much of your own creativity into creating a character that it isn’t really possible to think of what he looks like. The person will have to be made of different colours. I think it’s hard for people to think about how a character actually looks because we put so much of our personalities into everything we do. For example, my favourite colour is red. But all characters I draw in Photoshop have the same colour palette. It’s like if your face or your hair were made of different coloured bricks. It looks like you’re wearing a different colour. Because of you having your own personality, it’s really hard to think about a character. For me, a character is basically made of colours. The most simple character is an individual man. However, when I try to draw a person and I want to make it look like it actually has a certain emotion or is in a certain mood, I find a combination of colours makes things look a lot more realistic than anything really simplistic. For example, when I draw a man I draw with a lot of blue. The blue just looks kind of cool

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