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Is it a race car that can race anywhere, or is it a vehicle that can go anywhere? What has changed in the race engine industry since we took the concept of the chassis and created the concept of the engine?


“In the past, when you built a race engine, you had a lot of control over the fuel management. Now that you have more control and more freedom over the fuel management, you can’t tell me that you didn’t just sit down and figure out how to do that, especially in regard to the engine design. I feel like race cars come along with that freedom we’ve gotten in the engine world, and I think that’s going to be the focus for 2015. And in terms of that engine design, I think for everyone: Will it fit for the car that we have in the garage? What does that want to do for what we’re building? Will it make it more comfortable and more efficient to be able to drive a race car? And what about the chassis? What’s the best way of packaging it?

“But I think we have some really talented people to talk about these things and be able to figure them out. The one thing we haven’t done right so far is build something that can take you anywhere. I remember back in 2002, when we had our debut at Daytona. We were flying the whole operation down. The team was all sitting around and looking at the car and then we’d say, ‘What is it going to do?’ And then we all said, ‘How do we go here?’ So maybe we did that.


“Now, everything is coming down like a rock. Now everything is going to be super agile, and the engine can have as much or as little weight as it wants. We don’t have to make any major compromises. We can move it as fast as we need to. And this year, we have the chassis we wanted and the engine we want to get into the chassis. We have the front and rear suspension that we want to get into the chassis. We have the chassis we want to get into the engine. And maybe we’ve got some more components we want to get into the engine. I think you’ll see us all go crazy about what can do what, and that’s what the race fans want to see too.”
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Of course, the team is very much in charge of the car being good enough to beat the competition. They can’t get caught with their pants down—

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