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A ship, in real life, has a specific name and a number, or a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols (i.e. “NCC-1701”). Ships can also have a “ship flag” (ship name).

So in real-life:

a. We have two ships at sea with the names “NCC-1701” and “NCC-1704”

b. If we want to be precise, let’s say that there is one NCC-1701, 2 NCC-1702, and so on

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c. And then, we draw a ship with all these ships

(i) NCC-1702 (i) NCC-1701 (i) The vessel named NCC-1701. The ship flag is red.

Now the question is: how do you draw a ship from the ground level?

In that case you draw the ship with a ship flag and the ship’s hull, then draw the hull with a ship flag and the ship’s hull. The following picture illustrates how to draw a ship that has 2 hulls and 3 hulls.

And, here’s the complete drawing of the hull of a ship:

We can see that the “NCC-1701” has the number 1701 on its hull, and “NCC-1702” has 3 hulls and 1702 on its hull. The ship’s stern is red, and the rudder is blue.

Here’s an animated picture of how to draw a ship:

The final step is to add some detail to the hull. This is a bit more difficult due to the nature of how the hull is drawn.

The 3 hulls and 3 hulls combined would make a ship that looks like this:

That’s it! There’s really no secret to drawing a real-life ship, except perhaps adding some dimension to your ship. You’ll need to use a piece of cardboard (i.e. a 1x1x2 sheet), and some tracing paper. You can also sketch out your hull before you draw, but I feel the following is best enough.

How you draw a ship will depend on many factors. Here are some guidelines:

a. The hull of a ship should be symmetrical

b. There should be minimal details, and you should not show any ship movement or other details.


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