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It’s the same thing with those characters. They all have a story to tell.”

We’ve reached out to Paramount for comment since they first announced that a new Transformers movie would be made, but have yet to hear back. So stay tuned with Collider for more details.

The Transformers: Age of Extinction will be out on May 1, 2015, and while we don’t know anything yet about that film, we do remember that there was talk of a reboot (with a different cast) being made sometime in 2011.

A new Transformers movie will surely be in the works—or at least in the works of people like the cast of Transformers.

What do you think about the new trailers for Transformers 4? Do you think the movies will be worth watching for the characters that they portray? Let us know in the comment section below!

The next great revolution has arrived. A new era of high-performance computing may be at hand. It was thought long ago that the supercomputers of the future would have the power to out-perform existing computers, but it’s the advent of quantum computing that could radically increase the power of computers and change the way we think about computing for decades to come.

In one sense, these revolutionary advances are unsurprising. In recent years, we’ve seen both dramatic improvements in computer power and in the ability of systems to learn about the world, and quantum computing is no different.

Quantum computers are essentially binary systems with two states. One state (often referred to as a qubit) can be one of one of the qubits in the system. A qubit is a two-state system that can be one or zero simultaneously. This is a fundamental concept that has been studied and developed using classical computers. One of the key ideas behind computers is to use computing power to solve problems in two dimensions: finding a solution to a two-dimensional equation or counting the number of stars in a system. In such a system, it’s generally impossible to tell the difference between a solution and a false positive or false negative (in the sense that it makes no difference whether the outcome is correct or not).
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The problem is that even the best of classical computers can’t accurately solve a problem in two dimensions. While classical computers use quantum mechanics to solve more efficiently, quantum computers use quantum mechanics more efficiently, but do not solve such problems as effectively or as accurately. When the computing power of a quantum computer approaches the level of the best of classical computers,

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