How do you draw a simple gun?

A: With any sort of metal surface, I think you have to put the base and the metal bits in one area. Put the bottom of the barrel of the gun to the surface of the plastic, then you have to put the grip on top (the gun has a big metal grip), put the top of the trigger guard on top of that, and you put the metal parts of the gun in there. Then I would put other bits in there, but I’d never go over two bits.

Q: I can draw a gun with a barrel, but it’s not a gun like we draw. It doesn’t feel the same.

A: We don’t like drawing guns that people can see, that’s for sure. Draw a gun like you would a gun for self-defense, but with different handles. Draw a gun like you would for the military, with the handle in a different place, and you can show those little bits. And then you put the handle on top of the trigger guard, you put the trigger guard on top of the grip, you put the grip on top of the stock – you can draw that kind of gun.

Q: A lot of guns are built that way, with different parts and different parts sticking out. Is it hard to figure out where the parts are?

A: The way I figure it out is that if you put your gun in a gun safety, then your gun has a trigger guard and your grip and the barrel go on the top – that’s it. It’s easy to see the trigger guard in a gun safety. Then if you put your gun in an actual gun, you’ll see the muzzle and how much you’re shooting or what you’re shooting, then you figure out where the parts of the gun are.

Q: Is it necessary to make an outline of the gun to distinguish it from one another?

A: No. You can do it in the drawing. I don’t do the drawing in advance. I just draw the thing and put a line on it. It’s up to you how far you need to put the lines. In the drawing if you didn’t draw it that way, then it would be hard to tell the difference. If you make the outline bigger or smaller, you can tell that easily.

Q: When you draw guns it seems like the more parts they have, the more dangerous it is.

A: In the gun business, everyone thinks they make