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How do you draw eyes?”

He said that the most important part of his show was making sure the audience understood what the artist was trying to convey.

“Every part of my show is so detailed that if you put a big camera on it,” he said, “everything you see is going to bleed into the camera and make the audience uncomfortable.”

One thing that is different about the show that distinguishes it from his past work comes in his choice of medium. His art is more abstract, drawing on other disciplines, such as fashion, to illustrate his own work.

“Fashion and animation are very similar,” Mr. Rios said in the episode.

“Fashion is about finding inspiration and then using it to express yourself in the most beautiful ways,” he said. “With animation, I can create the most beautiful, colorful, intricate animations with very little material.”

Mr. Rios is not affiliated with any major companies and said he does work for a variety of clients. “As long as it is not a public figure, I don’t care,” Mr. Rios said.

“So for anybody who sees me doing work for the first time, they can do a lot,” he said, “but you really have to see this first, because it’s amazing.”

As of this writing, the show is live on the Disney Channel on Sunday night. It is followed by the opening for the season of “Frozen” on Tuesday, Feb. 1.
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It’s the third week of the college football season, and you’ve undoubtedly got three or four games played with a playoff-style playoff system. Every week, your college football team is on the verge of playing in the College Football Playoff. Some of these games could be the toughest tests in years.

With three weeks completed, how did your team do? The answers are below.

Satellite teams

1. Wisconsin Badgers (No. 8 seed, vs. No. 16 Miami of Ohio, Dec. 12, 12 p.m. ET)

Wisconsin has two Satellite teams that are battling for the title with No. 8 seed Miami. Wisconsin is 0-1 in those series, with the last meeting at home falling in the overtime defeat of the Hurricanes.

Florida State Seminoles (No. 17 seed, at Florida State, Saturday, noon ET)

Florida State has yet to see its first win in the satellite game, but the Seminoles are

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